AR experience design show

Art Director, Interaction Designer l 2017



Doors of Perception is an augmented reality project where library visitors can immerse themselves in cultural narratives at Pratt library.


ShowcaselibrARy : works cited at Pratt library

Date: 2017

Role: Art director, Interaction designer

Skills: Javascript, Photoshop, Sketch, Principle


At the librARy: works cited at Pratt library we are tasked to experiment with how art and technology can be utilized within the library. For this project, I explored how to enhance a visitor's experience and understanding of library culture in a way unique to augmented reality.



The director of library, Russ Abell says Pratt library is more than a place to read books; Pratt library is where to relax, where to meet other students, and where to enjoy its history. He wants to bring more students into the library and creates a lively library culture.



" Cleanse the door and enjoy the infinity at Pratt library ! "

Imagining library place as a way to get students to come and connect more, and as a way for students to create stories, saved for incoming students, that are tied to a place. 

"Technology does not need to estrange us from one another," Cox said, imagining a scenario of a person going to a bar and being able to see anecdotes from friends' earlier visits. "The physical reality comes alive with the human stories we have told there.” - Facebook VP Chris Cox.



User Flow



1 (3).jpg


  1. Download Blippar App

  2. Step on the mat --- The ideal location for users to scan the door

  3. Scan the door


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